Who I Am?

let me tell you a story

I enjoy the feeling of progressiveness. I strive for a large output in a given time frame. While producing simple and valuable designs for the end user, I focus on simplicity and user friendliness. I like to improve sustainably, where the change will have a long lasting impact on your company. I am openminded, optimistic and multidisciplinary which makes it easy to integrate in larger teams. I have a wide range of skills, something that works perfectly in the communication field with other professions.


I enhance the design and production process of the OC1 – an omnidirectional speaker made off recycled concrete. Furthermore, I am responsible for public relations, marketing and the organisation of events, like the Dutch Design Week 2019.

I created several strategic designs and concepts for clients, under whom; Lego, Safran Cabin, ROC Mondriaan and FairBike. Furthermore, I was responsible for the company’s representation at the Dutch Design Week 2018.

During my short internship for approximately four weeks, I was involved in  projects for; Sennheiser, Captron, and Bosch. Due to a lack of accommodation I went back to the Netherlands. 

I co-founded DelftByCycle with three others,  we are a bicycle tour and rental company that shows tourists and locals the secret spots of Delft. I designed and built the technical side of the company (eg. booking & administration system and website). Currently I work together with the township of Delft to promote a new kind of tourism, this project includes West Wal Delft.

In 2016 I started working as freelance designer, with the focus on webdesign and branding projects. I have worked with more than twenty clients including Open Monumentendag, gemeente Delft and SportHeroes.

I have been working at Kistje Vol Smaak! since I turned 14. When first asked to run the business for two weeks during the holidays, I got full understanding of the tasks involved around running a business yourself. Next to KistjevolSmaak! I also made a debut as employee at Ambacht and the Delftse Molen.


I am honoured to announce that I Cum Laude passed the curriculum of the BSc of Industrial Design Engineering at the Technical University of Delft. 

In may 2019 I successfully completed the Honours Bachelor Programme at the Technical University of Delft. While diving into extra depth at several courses I developed professional working skills and mindsets. This programme included a 6 month leadership course. 

Pre-university college in The Hague, reviewed as one of the best schools in the Hague. I finished VWO (Atheneum) with a 7.6/10.0 on average. With excellence (above 8.0/10.0) in mathematics, physics, chemistry and English. 


Adobe CC suite, Fusion360, Keyshot, SolidWorks, Sketch, Flinto, Arduino, WordPress, MS Office & Procreate.

User testing, Project Management, (digital) sketching, digital and physical rapid prototyping, storytelling, photography, videography & interviewing.


Dutch is my primary language and I speak fluently, I have no problem writing nor speaking. I succeeded the dutch VWO exams with a 7.9. 

I succeeded several Cambridge exams, my English is advanced and I am fluent in all levels of communication. 

My german is good, I can easily understand conversations. I can have difficulties with fluent talking in German. 

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