Changing the way we communicate with physical objects through our smartphones. 

It was pure magic, something you saw in science fiction movies, controlling your physical object from a distance. However, nowadays it’s not. Smart homes are increasingly popular and are still trending on technology fairs around the globe. With more and more applications based on this smart tech, how does the user interact with these systems? Is it only for geeks that love technology, or are ‘normal’ people also benefiting from a smart home?

The image should change, controlling your smart home is far from the archetypical interaction you would normally have with your physical products. More users should profit from the improved efficiency of the smart home appliances. In this project, I jumped into the world of interaction and user observation. Where I tested several concepts with the end-user, with the goal to find out whether the solution is really valuable for them. What function would help them to improve their efficiency or life?


The user interaction environment I created is specialised to the needs of my target group, consisting of people between 40-60 years old whose kids just left the house. These people are searching for more efficiency in their daily lives and their habits. So I strived for a hell of a lot more effectiveness in controlling their physical homes. With the use of presets, the user could in one press adjust the whole home, separate rooms or even particular windows. These presets will eventually work as a percentage of light that is entering the room and will automatically change to the position and brightness of the sun.

What happened to be one of the most beloved features of the app was to function as a remote control, where the nearest window is being adjusted by simply clicking one or two buttons. Other functions as adjusting the windows automatically when on vacation are integrated into the app. Opening and closing the blinds as can be seen in the figure below, is super intuitive and has been extensively tested with the target audience. 

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