Proudfully I can call myself co-founder and owner of DelftByCycle. The place for you bike rental, tours and company-trips in the historic city of Delft. Being born and raised in Delft it means a lot that I can give back to this beautiful town. Combining the rich history and modern spots of Delft we provide a great view on the city. While building this company I focussed on webdesign, bike enhancement, marketing and organisational structure. For more information and the website you can visit


With my previous knowledge of webdesign I started my exploration for the most intuitive bicycle rent website. What is the most probable user journey people admire when visiting us on the web? What information do costumers need? What is relevant and what’s not?

Answering all these questions resulted  in a super simple concept for a booking site for bike rental, tours and company trips. With a shared poule of bikes and guides you can book your Delft experience. Visit the site here

The bikes are super recognisable because of their colour, however we still needed a subtle hint towards our company. I designed and produced these wooden boards on the front of the bikes. Easily repairable, lightweight and perfect suited for the image, again a simple solution for the problem at hand. The signage is super sustainable because they already lasted for more than three years. Besides this the price per piece is as much as €5,-. 



I was also responsible for the brand identity of DelftByCycle. In recent years I developed several posters, business cards, post cards, t-shirts and more. All with the vision to be clear and informative. A perfect fit with the bikes, website and the brand as a whole. The design vision for the brand was to be modern while referring to the classic. Together with the great texts of uitgesproken gasten the brand was perfect. 

During normal business hours I take on the responsibility of the rentals and company trips. I also do the marketing of the company, including photography, videography and social media planning and strategy. Social media proves to be the perfect way to attract new customers for DBC. I am also responsible for new business opportunities, working closely with four restaurants and several hotels we aim to serve the whole spectrum of tourists in Delft.

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