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Design visualisation is one of my passions in the field of industrial design, this project is a continuous collection of my digital and analog sketchbooks. A lot of drawings have been done for the elective Design Visualisation at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. While practicing daily I would like to improve further upon my skills while I think that visualisation is one of the most important skills of the designer.


Starting off with analog sketching I experiment with several different methods. While using pencils, ballpoints, fineliners, copics and pastels I developed my dynamic and fast drawing style. 

With the use of simple materials I can easily replicate different materials such as glass, chrome, wood and plastics. With a daily hour of practice I try to improve my own drawing style, making my lines more fluid and dynamic. 

My digital drawings are precise and detailed. While most of the time scanning in my hand drawn pieces, I try to iterate digitally. I use an iPad Pro and the award winning ProCreate app for all my digital artworks. 

I also followed several courses on graphic design, resulting in several poster designs as can be seen below. Both posters have been selected in the top ten of the year at the technical university of Delft. The lower (Disaster Relief) has made it to the top three of the competition. Within all my digital sketches I try to keep it a sketch. 


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