HYA Bench

Combining standard materials and 3D-printed joints 
into global available furniture.


Design a piece of furniture that everyone can make by 3D printing and using standard materials.


While the global economy lets you order furniture from far away countries, more consumers and companies are throwing away materials. It’s becoming more common to have access to 3D printers, and a possibility arises. We can make furniture locally with old or stock materials and the help of 3D printed joints out of recycled materials. People 3D print the opensource available parts themselves and locally source the other basic materials. Further analysis was done into general forms and materials accessible over the world and different ways to connect those materials by yet to be defined joints.


Force distribution & 3D printed joints

The biggest challenge with 3D printed joints is the fact that they can not withstand large pull forces. In contrast they can cope with high pressure forces for a longer period of time. A more complex construction arose during the design process, resulting in a structure of push-only forces. To configure the best joints, we did an infinity analysis of the whole structure and every single joint, tube and surface within the product. Optimising the forces within the joints gave us the possibility to make the design as durable as possible. Further more we explored several 3D printing strategies, making them as easy and as fast as possible to print at home.


The HYA System

The HYA bench is a combination of 3D printed joints and readily available material that can hold up to 5 adults consisting of pressure forces only and with slim to no deflection within the materials. The bench is a manifestation of the HYA joint-system which lets you design your own furniture. Next to the 3D printed parts, we also designed a calculation function that lets you put in the dimensions of your base surface, configuring all joints and length of tubes automatically resulting in a bill of materials. Because the system is open source it is easy for everyone to create their own furniture with local (recycled) materials.

The HYA joints are optimised for internal forces and are therefore durable and long-lasting.

The joints have a minimised printing-time, making it accessible to produce at home with a consumer 3D-printer.

The HYA Bench construction can easily hold up to five adults. Making it a reliable construction for sofas and tables.

All materials used in the design of the HYA Bench can be bought at small construction markets, the printing material is ultimately made from recycled plastics.

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