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The mission of this project was to design the most sustainable solar powered backpack ever by exploring new trends and techniques. Most solar powered backpacks are greenwashes, with a long energy payback time. I designed the Luke Backpack from two different perspectives, the user and the environment. What is the user searching in a product like this? And how can we minimise the impact on the environment while still satisfying the consumer.


The Luke is designed with the user in mind, the young urban professional. The user group has no office nor a fixed workplace. He or she is always on the move and needs their work stuff to work all day long. The need for charging on the run becomes higher and the urge to be as sustainable as possible. The Luke powered by Vaude is designed to charge your phone two times on a daily bases and your laptop one time. Using a textile based solar panel ensures stress free mobility and an indestructible backpack.

To make the backpack as environmentally friendly as possible I concerned every aspect of contemporary solar backpacks. The material of the backpack, the solar panel and the life span of the product influenced the greenness of the product the most. As an outcome I choose the fabric to be hemp, a very sustainable alternative towards the heavily polluting cotton industry. The solar panel is made out of fabric, a new technique with the use of perovskite material. This woven solar panel can reach efficiency of 15 percent and is 13 times better for our environment due to the lack of silicons. 

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