MIAN Pillowcase

Advanced sleep suggestions for 
the emergency aid workforce.


Design a product that positively impacts the emergency aid of the police department in the Netherlands.


Literature shows working in an emergency aid, with irregular shifts, has a bad effect on your average sleep-hours. The lack of sleep results in more stress and a prolonged duration will end in severe burn outs. More and more police officers in the emergency aid suffer from those burn outs. This is a serious problem in the national police force. Research was done in the field of sleep-quality, sleep planning, medical- and psychological treatment.


Increase work efficiency by optimising sleep

Even without long sleep, you can be rested. The sleep just has to be accurately planned, sometimes 26 minutes can make the difference. To craft this planning data is needed on how long and how good the officer is sleeping. Research was done in the way we sleep and how we can optimise the quality of sleep. During the research we crafted a method to track sleep in an efficient way and a planning to counteract burnouts. With this in mind I designed and tested an interface that visualises the programme and convinces the officer to increase his or her sleep habits.


MIAN Smart Pillowcase

The pillowcase is placed underneath a pillowcase and it defines sleeping habits and quality by measuring heart-rate, body temperature and breathing patterns. This data is simplified and send to the MIAN algorithm that assesses the data. The general quality of sleep is shown as a simple color on the pillow while waking up. The MIAN App will craft a planning and give you clear suggestions about when to sleep and exercises to increase sleep quality. When there is an emergency within the aid, MIAN will automatically suggest an officer that feels good and is in a light sleep to handle the emergency. In this way MIAN will reduce the chances for a burn-out and improve the efficiency of the force.

MIAN automatically suggests exercises to improve sleep quality directly. Including guided meditation, breathing exercises and yoga.

MIAN’s measurement is non-obtrusive, it will start measuring and storing data when you enter the first REM sleep cycle.

The MIAN Algorithm automatically wakes officers for emergency that have the lowest chance of a burn out and are in a light sleep.

The carefully planned schedule for sleep, work and exercises counteracts the chance for a burn out while giving insight in the details of sleep.

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