Mian Sleep

This project focuses on developing a concept that will help policemen in the emergency aid to improve their sleep quality. This will help them to be more productive and less stressed during work shifts as well as prevent burn-outs. For this case, the MIAN system has been designed including both a physical device and a touchscreen interface. By measuring the user’s heart rate, breathing pattern and movements the pillowcase determines the sleep quality of the policemen. Subsequently, the app presents this data to the user and gives advice on how to improve his sleeping pattern in the long run in order to maximise quality of life.


This project consisted of three parts, the ideation (coming up with the concept in general), the physical design and the interaction design of an app. After I designed the concept a first physical prototype was designed within the group. This was done in three phases, the prototype evolved and was tested within each phase. The device has been tested multiple times with real emergency aid police officers. We researched several different ways to measure the sleep with a different physical position to the user. The form of a pillowcase seemed to be the most efficient. The pillow measures your heart rate, breathing pattern and movements during your sleep. This data will be collected and further analysed in comparison to other users and medical assumptions. This is translated in an optimal sleep planning combined with several exercises. 


The app suggests an optimal sleeping pattern perfectly combined with your work and private schedules. This scientific based sleep method will ensure an energetic feeling throughout the whole day. You will build a new habit with your new companion preventing burn outs and other stress related diseases. At night when an emergency arises MIAN wakes up the police officer who is in his or her REM or NREM1 sleep status, also taken into account the probability of a burn out. To ensure that the organisational health of the emergency aid squad is optimised. 


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