Revolutionising the office by stimulating employees to work and think differently.


Design a new furniture concept for Gispen to inspire employees in the New Office.


For me, a traditional office equals: long rows of cubicles with plain desks and black monitors. Many offices today do not provide employees with the freedom to personalise their workspace. There is a lack of social interaction between colleagues, and employees are not stimulated to be physically active in any way. In short, these offices are dehumanising, and are not motivating for employees. Non optimal working spaces result in less performance, motivation and inspiration amongst the workers.


Increasing personality, physical activity and social interaction

The company Gispen, its product portfolio and competitors have been extensively researched during the exploration stage. The goal was to design a product that fits within the corporate strategy of the company but is still radically innovative compared to its competitors. Ideas were generated based upon the overarching vision to increase personalisation, social interaction and physical activity in the office. Four concepts were presented together with our corporate vision at the client’s headquarters.


The modular workspace solution

The ModuWall is a modular workspace that enables employees to change and adapt their own workspace whenever they want in a creative way. The product consists of a pinboard-like base and a variety of different modules. The modules can be placed on the two-sided base making it easy to create a personalised work environment. The add-ons are hefty and have to be put in place in collaboration with colleagues, resulting in physical activity and social interaction in the office. The modules and base are recycled from old Gispen products. The ModuWall is a manifestation of our integrated vision for the company and the future of offices and could therefore be seen as a concept.

Perfectly integrates with current products of Gispen such as the Gispen HUB. Combining possibilities for privacy and collaborative workspaces.

The ModuWall is made for endless module possibilities. This opens up the opportunity to make several different product lines which enables extensive personalisation.

The snapping pinboard system makes it safe and easy to use and rearrange the ModuWall into any possible configuration.

To rearrange the ModuWall modules serious physical activity is needed by more than one person, this sparks social interaction and physical movement at the same time.

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