This project has been commissioned by one of the oldest furniture manufacturers in the Netherlands, Gispen. During a three month based project I discovered the needs of this manufacturer in the 21st century. The company felt the urge to focus more and more on sustainability, circularity and modular offices. They do great on all of these seperately, but still missed the overarching vision for a new product line that would stimulate the new way of working in the Netherlands and abroad.


By analysing the furniture market and speaking to several local offices, we (the honours industrial design team) discovered several openings for new products within the market. While assessing the product portfolio of Gispen and its competitors we came up with several ideas to further explore the core values of the company; sustainability, circularity and modularity. According to the vision we developed for the company, they should focus on remanufacturing old returned products into an overarching modular office furniture system. As can be seen below the product could be something like manifestation of the ModuWall. A base made out of recycled wood and all other modules remanufactured furniture parts from their old lines. This place will not only evoke more social contacts among the colleagues but will also prepare the office for future updates in their modular furniture line. In this way the components or modules can be manufactured over and over again, concerned with the latest trends while the system will still be the same. 

The final product we designed for Gispen was a manifestation of the vision for the company and therefore not ready for production. It was only designed to evoke new thoughts about designing an overarching design system. 

We strived to engage users with their workplaces and give them back the possibility to express their individuality. A workspace where you do not feel comfortable is far from optimal. We believe that not optimal working spaces will result in non-optimal performance and a lack of motivation and inspiration.

We additionally want to stimulate social interaction. People are becoming more individual nowadays while it is so important to stay in touch with people, real people. Contact with colleagues is an easy way to give or get new ideas about work, it can spark creativity and it is a good way to wind down or relax for a moment.

At last, we all know how important it is to stay physically active. Staying in the same position for a long period of time can result in Repetitive Stress Injuries, neck and back pain and a bad posture. Movement is also important to stay mentally active. Staying still can result in a foggy brain. You become tired, you lack motivation and are unable to concentrate properly. Finally, it is proven by several studies that repetitively sitting for long periods can even decrease your life expectancy.

So we have designed a modular workspace that enables users to change and adapt their office as they like when they want to. The ModuWall, a simple solution, much like a pinboard. Where several modules can be placed into the mainframe. The modules are big and have to be placed in together with colleagues in this way we stimulate social interaction. The system is very flexible because you can easily adjust the height of your desk to the preferred one and personalize your desk by adding modules, such as bookshelves, plants and more. The system can be expanded at any time with for example private hubs and two sitters. In this way, we believe that by making working spaces more personalisable, flexible and adaptable we can rehumanize work and increase productivity.

Because of privacy issues I can not dive further into the outcome of this project. Are you interested in this project and want to know more? Please contact me. 


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