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Nenthe is a creative spirit and demanded a creative solution for her digital diary and portfolio website. Emily owns the well-known vintage femme fatale instagram account; nenthe. It is a source of inspiration for many women in the fashion and design industry. Combining her vintage looks together with a minimalistic and clean design her portfolio was born. The vintage fonts and polaroids were especially created during this project.


The vision of this project was to obtain a vintage although modern look. The website had to fit exactly with the instagram of Nenthe and therefore we had to co-create the brand of Nenthe based on the already existing instagram account. Inspired by the feminist looks and the bold statement Nenthe shows in her personal photography and fashion work we came up with a bold website. Strong feminine or femme fatale as Emily Oosterveen says. 

To connect with her instagram a lot of media is synced between the two platforms. The portfolio section offers a more thorough in-depth look into the different projects she’s previously done. Every project includes a stylish hand made pdf-viewer, that has 3D-transitions. Closed by a sparking quote like, 100% muse material, a girl is a gun or femme fatale. You can visit the site here.

The owner of the brand Nenthe, Emily Oosterveen, has a lot on her mind. She tries to convert her thoughts into a gallery of pictures and quotes on her instagram which she casually calls her public diary. Her diary made her well-known in the instagram game and was one of the most essential parts of the website. The new digital platform gave her the ability to transform the small instagram captions into longer explanations of her feelings. 

Her diary is transferred to her website in a stylish polaroid frame. Making it totally fit the Nenthe brand. The diary gets filled with everything she posts on her instagram and is already seen by a staggering 52k followers leading on average more than 4k monthly visitors to her website.


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