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The West Wal Borrelroute is the new initiative of five businesses along the west city-side of Delft. De Gist, Café Einstein, Húszar, Barbaar and DelftByCycle teamed up to stimulate tourism on the yet to be discovered part of the city. After being renovated for the last ten years, the West Wal came back more beautifully than ever before and this deserves a chance to become one of the hotspots of Delft for tourists and people from Delft. As initiator of this collaboration I designed the concept and decided on the strategy of the project. The first manifestation of West Wal is a borrelroute (a pubcrawl) alongside the four bars. The pubcrawl is based on historic and modern stories, tasty bites and handcrafted special beers from the Netherlands. Right now I can say that it’s been a successful collaboration and we reached the goal, attracting more inhabitants and tourists towards the west-side of the city.

While looking at other initiatives in the Netherlands such as strijp-s in Eindhoven and the spoorzone in Tilburg. I decided that we needed to separate us from the rest of Delft by presenting ourselves as the modern part of the city. The identity had to be fresh, alternative and tough compared to the traditional marketing of Delft. This also  



I not only designed the graphics of this initiative but the website as well. My vision during this project was to provide the whole west part of Delft with an identity that offers contrast towards the city centre. I want to separate and show that we are the new kids in town. Using fonts that somewhat remind us of a classical 17th-century font in combination with bright and contrasting colours I try to create contrast. You can visit the website here.

All five parties came together for a promotion project for the west side of the city, commissioned by Delfts’ marketing agency. This all resulted in a successful west wal borrelroute and a cooperation between the different companies. All the businesses were under my lead during the project and this especially stimulated my urge for leadership. 


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